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2000 year   Establish SY GROUP in Mexico&starting export.

2007 year   Establish China branch

2018 year   Establish Japan branch

Start trading at China, Korea, Japan

■Capital : 50 million yen (SY GROUP)

                    8 million yen (Japan branch )

■Group annual sales :
    2018 year 10 million USD

   (approximately 1 billion yen)





Cosmetics / Baby Products / Daily Necessities / Health food


Fabric / Apparel / Uniform / Election supplies

Supply to Mexican Government

Supply to major EC channels in China


Name: Shao Hongshu

Establish : 2013 year

Members : 200 million

Sales : 800 million RMB(2018)

Main item: Cosmetics / health food / daily necessitie

Platform Features:

(App) Community + Internet Shopping. Videos, photos and texts explain product reviews such as celebrities, celebrities, KOL, and cosmetics and daily necessities. At the same time, upload sales links and promote them.


Name : Yunji

Establish : 2015 year

Members30 million

Sales: 18 billion RMB (2018)

Main item : Cosmetics / health food / daily necessities / food

Platform Features:

(App) Sold mainly at B2B and B2C. There is no risk because there is no stock. The mall owner sells the goods and proceeds in a commission format. All orders are managed and shipped from the logistic warehouse.


Name : Efei

Establish : 2010 year

Members: 100 or more shops (Including Crown and many excellent stores of three stars)

Sales : N/A

Main item: Cosmetics / health products / daily necessities / food

Platform Features :

(PF management) A company that manages and distributes high-level household budget accounts with over 100 stores in TAOBAO. Each store has achieved sales of 50,000 to 200,000 RMB every month.


Name : We Chat

Establish : 2011 year

Members : 100 million

Sales : not measurable

Main item : Cosmetics / daily necessities / baby products

Platform Features :

(App) Used by 1 billion people in the world. Increase your moment and sell. Currently, it has a sales distribution network of 5 million people, and a wide range of sales formats (MLM) using the personal connections of the personal network.

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